Indianapolis Section National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
Indianapolis Section National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Membership — Why Join the National Council of Negro Women?

A Powerful Coalition Speaking Truth to Power


The NCNW is a national coalition of national organizations and community based groups that represent national and community strength to the powers that belong in our nation's capitol and in our communities.  As a powerful diverse coalition, NCNW addresses the community concerns of African-Americans women and their families with one unified voice.


A Path to Personal Benefits


NCNW Membership offers opportunities for leadership development and capacity building for women of all walks of life.  It offers an opportunity for a diverse group of African-American women who would not ordinarily do so, to sit at a common table and pool their strengths to resolve common issues for the mutual benefit of all.


NCNW Membership offers opportunities to serve and to "give back," to the community within a  service-minded group. Working with the group provides a sense of security and empowerment knowing that many fingers make a fist to deliver a more powerful blow to problems we face.


NCNW Membership offers a path to personal benefits such as insurance programs (group term life, hospitalization, income, Accidental Death, Cancer Insurance, Medicare Supplement, Dental Program, Mature Life Plan, Auto Insurance and Homeowner's insurance); and discount programs (Hotels discount programs and Car Rental Discount).


"Leave No One Behind:  Legacy, Vision & Leadership" 










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